Emerging Diseases in Animals: Strategies in Surveillance, Control and Eradication - September 28-30, 2016


Emerging Diseases in Animals:
Strategies in Surveillance, Control and Eradication

Budapest, Hungary
28 - 30 September 2016


Co-organized by

  • IABS

  • Paul-Ehrlich-Institut

  • Hungarian National Food Chain Safety Office

Budapest, Hungary


Emerging animal diseases challenge the health of domestic and wild animals. These highly contagious or transmissible diseases may spread easily, irrespective of political and geographic borders. This spread is fostered by the increased global movement of domestic animals and food produced from animals, as well as by vectors such as man, wild animals, intermediate hosts, and contaminated materials of all kind. This spread is also influenced by other factors such as changes in climate.

Outbreaks of diseases in livestock have a negative impact on economies, individuals’ livelihood and quality of life, as well as global safety of food produced by animals.

Although there is permanent progress in the development of new vaccines against a wide range of diseases, emerging infections and transboundary spread pose specific challenges in terms of surveillance and prophylactic interventions.

The goal of this meeting, to be held in 2016, is to update current experience in the identification, tracking, and control of these animal diseases. This includes experience thus far with licensing of vaccines required for emergency situations or scenarios. An additional area of discussion will focus on fostering rapid availability of vaccines.


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