IABS joins Animal-Free Safety Assessment Collaboration to promote innovation and global regulatory alignment for human and veterinary biologicals

Geneva (07-Apr- 2021) -- The Animal-Free Safety Assessment Collaboration (AFSA) and the International Alliance for Biological Standardization (IABS) are pleased to announce the beginning of their mutual cooperation, with IABS becoming member of the Collaboration.

Dr Rick HILL, IABS Vice-President and Communication Chair, said: “After careful review of AFSA’s goals and activities, IABS has taken the decision to join the Collaboration, recognizing its efforts to promote worldwide change in the biologicals field through stakeholders’ engagement, and work to make information accessible and widely disseminated.”

Laura Viviani, AFSA biologicals workstream coordinator, said: “We are particularly proud of this cooperation. IABS membership acknowledges the work already done by AFSA in the field of biologicals, and shows a high level of trust and commitment to the Collaboration’s vision of a world where biologicals are developed, tested and produced with innovative approaches and platforms that forego the reliance on obsolete animal methods.”

Through IABS, the stakeholders engaged by AFSA will have access to a network of the foremost world experts of the sector. This will make it possible to multiply the opportunity to inform the scientific debate on biologicals, engage new expertise to the discussion, maintain momentum in a changing environment, and foster a consequential dialogue that can bring about change at a truly global level.

International Alliance for Biological Standardization - IABS

The International Alliance for Biological Standardization (IABS) is a nonprofit neutral organization dedicated solely to addressing key issues in regulatory science that underpin approvals for vaccines and biopharmaceuticals worldwide. For more than 60 years, these contributions have occurred primarily through collaborative scientific meetings and publications in the journal Biologicals. IABS’ unique role and strength reside in its ability to bring together interested parties for scientific discussions of important unresolved or emerging issues, to assist in developing a consensus and an action plan to achieve regulatory progress. IABS.org

Animal Free Safety Assessment Collaboration – AFSA

The Animal-Free Safety Assessment (AFSA) Collaboration brings together corporate and non-profit leaders who share the goal of accelerate global adoption of a modern, human-based approach to safety assessment that will better protect consumers and hasten the replacement of animal testing. AFSAcollaboration.org


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Job Opportunity

Associate / Director CMC Statistician

The CMC Statistician is a key member of the Technical Development organization responsible for supporting the integration of statistical strategy throughout CMC. In this role you will contribute directly to advancing Moderna’s portfolio of products from development to commercial manufacturing, and help build technical platforms for a rapidly expanding pipeline. You will collaborate as a key project resource and team member with scientists and engineers working on the forefront of mRNA science. You will design experiments and develop predictive models for technical processes and analytical methods.

At Moderna we are pioneering the development of a new class of drugs made of messenger RNA (mRNA). This novel drug platform builds on the discovery that modified mRNA can direct the body’s cellular machinery to produce nearly any protein of interest, from native proteins to antibodies and other entirely novel protein constructs that can have therapeutic activity inside and outside of cells.

We have a clear mission to propel the field of mRNA science forward and deliver new medicines to patients and a unique vision for how to achieve this mission.

LinkedIn => https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2220730661/?refId=WDm3J%2FTPRoSWNZGCPHAWkA%3D%3D

French speaking visitors can listen to the interviews of Dr. Stanley Plotkin and Dr. Marc Bonneville, during the IABS65 anniversary ceremony in Lyon

The interviews are available here : https://www.lyondemain.fr/iabs-lyon-coronavirus-vaccins-standardisation-merieux-biologie-lyonbiopole-stanley-plotkin-marc-bonneville-maladies-infections-conference/

Accolades for IABS Member

Long-term IABS Board of Directors Member and Alliance Treasurer Dr. Tony Lubiniecki was recently honored for his contributions to Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls Regulatory Science by CASSS.    CASSS is a California nonprofit corporation which exists to enable a global community of industry, academic and regulatory professionals to work together to resolve scientific challenges in their field. 


“CASSS has honored Tony Lubiniecki, PhD with its prestigious Hancock Award for Outstanding Achievements in CMC Regulatory Science.  This annual award recognizes outstanding and sustained contributions in the field of regulatory science. Lubiniecki was announced as the 2020 honoree during CASSS’s 24th Symposium on the Interface of Regulatory and Analytical Sciences for Biotechnology Health Products,  January 28-30, 2020 in Washington DC.”  Additional information on the award is located on the CASSS website:  https://www.casss.org/news/488524/Tony-Lubiniecki-Announced-as-CASSS-Hancock-Award-Winner-for-2020.htm


CASSS has also recognized several other long-time IABS Members for their contributions to biological/regulatory science.  In 2014, Dr. Kathryn Zoon, https://www.casss.org/page/933?&hhsearchterms=%22awards%22 and in 2017, Dr. John Petricciani https://www.casss.org/page/Hancock2017?&hhsearchterms=%22petricciani%22 each received the received William Hancock Award for Outstanding Achievements in CMC Regulatory Science.



ADVAC 2020
11 to 22 May, 2020
Veyrier du Lac (near Annecy) France

ADVAC 2020 is cancelled.

Due to the increasing travel restrictions and flight cancellations caused by COVID-19 and considering the policies of the organizing institutions, co-sponsor institutions and their government/umbrella institutions, as well as individual discussions and interactions with a number of the ADVAC Scientific Committee and lecturers, the decision has been taken jointly by the Mérieux Foundation and the University of Geneva to cancel this year’s ADVAC

The 21st ADVAC will now take place from 10 to 21 May 2021.  

In May 2019, an overview of IABS’ mission and activities was presented at the U.S. Veterinary Biologics Training Program. The training program is co-sponsored by the USDA APHIS Center for Veterinary Biologics, the USDA APHIS National Veterinary Services Laboratories and the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine’s Institute for International Cooperation in Animal Biologics (IICAB).

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View the speaker slides from the 3Rs meeting, NIH, Bethesda : folder click here

View the meeting webpage Here

Report now available Here


IABS is pleased to announce a valuable new book written by Board Member Dr. Rebecca Sheets titled Fundamentals of Biologicals Regulation:  Vaccines & Biotechnology Medicines. Dec. 2017, published by Elsevier’s imprint Academic Press.

For more information, please see https://www.elsevier.com/books/fundamentals-of-biologicals-regulation/sheets/978-0-12-809290-3

IABS “3R” Conferences Highlighted in Presentation at the 10th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences.

August 24, 2017, an overview of IABS’ “3R” Conferences, Symposia and Workshops was included in a presentation at the vaccine session at the 10th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences in Seattle Washington (See Summary Slide below).  The World Congress are periodic scientific meetings with emphasis on the latest technologies for reduction and replacement of animals and innovations in approaches to ethics, animal welfare and public policy.   Interestingly, the World Congress’ first meeting was in 1993, within one year of the IABS’s first Langen Symposium.  The 11th World Congress is scheduled for 2020 in the Netherlands. 

In general, World Congress participants were aware of IABS’ leadership in the “3R” and Animal “Alternatives” arena and several inquired about the status of future IABS conferences.   The meeting presented an opportunity to discuss IABS overall, but also the organizations strategic priority to host “3R” related meetings by the North American and European Affiliates.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Hill, IABS Communication Committee Chair


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